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Concio: from latin, meaning assembly, get together but also forms the foundation of the word concius for conciousness. In Latin writings, the phrase conscius sibi translates literally as "knowing with oneself" or "sharing knowledge with oneself about something". This phrase had the figurative meaning of "knowing that one knows". And now, you will know about my concio by tapping the button below

Time flies, I'm turning 30 and so I would like to invite you to play a game called "kick the can" with me in Bruno Weber's park, grill some food and overall just have a good time.Bruno Weber park is the life work of Swiss rebel, architect & artist Bruno Weber, that passed away 12 years ago, but built this park as his life work.The park is now operated by his widow Mariann Gordon that still lives on the property and will be giving us a private tour of the park and his art.- No gifts
- I'll bring wine and beers & a bit of snacks


  • ✅ Save someone's life (2012)

  • ✅ Run a marathon (2013)

  • ✅ Take Victoria to Iceland (2015)

  • ✅ Swim with sharks (Cebu 2017)

  • ✅ Sequence my DNA (2018)

  • ✅ See Japan (2018)

  • ✅ Eat white strawberries (2018)

  • ✅ Eat fugu (2018)

  • ✅ Do a half Ironman (2020)

  • ✅ Become an angel investor (2020)

  • ✅ Water fast for 10 days (2021)

  • ✅ Complete a full Ironman (2022)

  • ✅ Get on the Forbes 30 under 30 list (2022)

  • Learn to code (in progress)

  • ✅ Have a wedding (December 2023)

  • Visit North Korea

  • Adopt/rescue a dog and teach it to skateboard

  • Get a pilot license

  • Travel around in an electric hydro plane

  • Spend a week in the woods and sustain with only a knife

  • Go to Cuba

  • Write a book

  • Be hypnotized

  • Get acupuncture

  • See a bear in the wild

  • Donate blood

  • Go to the carnival in Rio

  • Swim the english channel

  • Wingsuit (In the wind-tunnel in sweden)

  • Neurocrypotonic by (freeze my body to be revived and live in the future)

  • Snowkite over Greenland

  • Go to space

  • Participate in the Gumball 3000

  • Visit every country in the world (60/193) ↳ click here to see the visited countries

  • Own a Patek and pass it on to my kid

  • Ride a horse through a McDrive

  • Become a centenarian

  • Become trans-human (half human half robot)

  • Have a wikipedia page about myself, that I didn't create myself

  • Pay to go to prison in Korea (prison retreat)

  • Become a certified water sommelier

  • Give a TEDx talk

  • See the Monarch butterfly migration in Mexico

  • Eat clay rocks in Kyrgyzstan

  • Become an Olympian

  • Set a Guiness World Record

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I visited 60 countries out of 193 (31%).
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